It has come to our attention that it’s been a looooooong time since we last posted a social entry to iBrothers. The fact that a worthy contender recently opened right in our backyard has provided us with an excellent opportunity to remedy this.

Decisions decisions … Should we go with the maple syrup cupcake, the choc mint cupcake, the red velvet cupcake or maybe just a biscotti and coffee today?

You know, there was a time not so long ago where a good coffee and a delicious accompaniment were impossible to find around the Westmeadows area. Sure, there was a valiant attempt made at some point in time by the local bakery and with some new shops opening in the area, we dared to hope but finally, yes finally we have our salvation in Mayflour Cakes!

Located in the heart of the Fawkner street shopping precinct, the bright pink shop is difficult to miss, and miss it you shouldn’t considering they are presently serving the best coffee in the area.

The selection of cakes (cupcakes, cannoli, larger cakes as well as macaroons) changes daily offering a nice surprise with every visit.

Specialty cakes such as birthday cakes or cakes for special occasions can also be ordered.

A small, select lunch menu is also offered.

Great coffee (seriously, we mean that) and delicious cakes are all good but to convert us from a casual visitor to a regular, a business like this needs a little something extra.

When stopping by Mayflour, you will instantly notice that the icing on the cake (yes, I went there) has to be the wonderful atmosphere and welcome feeling you receive from both Kris and Pasquale. It’s always nice to see people running a business actually enjoy running their business and in this case, it gives off such a nice vibe that it makes resisting that extra sweet delicious cupcake all that much harder.

It’s a shame that Westmeadows suffers from such poor mobile broadband performance from Optus and Vodafone. Even Telstra’s mileage varies. Then again, the fact that Mayflour cakes doesn’t offer a wifi hotspot could be a wise decision considering that with such great coffee,food and a friendly atmosphere we may actually consider moving in permanently.

If Kris and Pasquale were considering dropping in wifi, they could of course always send an enquiry to Internode about getting one of their hotspot connections for free.